• AWELI Drive

    Language Gives Perfection to Express Thoughts.

    AWELI Drive is the Digital English Language Lab that makes learning the language more interesting and engrossing. AWELI Drive is specially introduced to strengthen the Basic English language skills of the students.

    • It covers and clarifies various grammar rules, vocabulary rules, correct pronunciation, and other linguistic aspects.
    • AWELI inspires and instills the confidence and power of the Language among students. This is important because language is the ultimate communicating tool and must be impeccable.
    • AWELI Drive, with its highly interactive and user-friendly interface, comes with a wide range of individual and collaborative activities.
    • Involvement in such activities helps students to polish their concepts with the major thrust on—Listen, Repeat, Compare and Retain.
    • It enhances the language proficiency and eliminates errors on the part of the learners.