Brain Exercise

Brain Exercise to Make Brain Sharp and Improve Memory

Our brain is the most important part of the human body and it is responsible for all our actions or functions. So all of us need to do brain exercise for the right function of our body. Memory is important to perform any task like whether homework for a student or any office or household work it is important to think properly and remember things accordingly. In simple words, we can say what our brain learns from various tasks, our senses store it as memory. Memory plays a crucial in every single feature of our life. Memory decides the grades we score as students. Memory is very much important to perform any task. It holds the key to the security and safety of human life. Our brain never stops work till we are alive and keeps learning new things almost every moment. Therefore, it is very important to keep our brains sharp and intelligent. A sharper brain learns more to grow in the right direction.

· Solve Crosswords

We can find out crosswords from our daily newspaper. Some people daily try to solve the crossword given in the newspaper. Crosswords are just amazing brain exercises and games to keep learning new words and also improve your words in any language.

· Quiz Contests

Every school organizes a Quiz contest it is an excellent brain exercise to keep growing and learning in the right direction. Whenever we participate in any quiz contest we try to answer most of the questions, it does not only allow think critically and out of the box but it sharpens our minds. A correct answer gives that logic of satisfaction while a wrong one provides an opportunity to learn and think about it again.

· Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Playing Name, Place, Animal, Thing, a simple game is a very famous and simple but interesting game of our childhood. This simple game of childhood is now very much popular worldwide as an excellent brain exercise to keep knowing and learning about new things. You can play the game in your notebook or online on a computer both are very interesting and allow you to think broadly.

· Drawing

Drawing is something that we like to do at any stage of life as toddlers at home and students at school. Drawing or drawing anything on a piece of paper or coloring is something like we always love to do, and again we dive into the beautiful and colorful memories of our childhood. At any stage of life, we can learn it and student life is a golden opportunity for these things  Because drawing is a fantastic brain exercise to keep our mind active and imaginative.

· Math Workouts

Solving some maths problems can also sharpen our minds as it allows us to perform several tasks.

· Referring Dictionary at Random

Going through a dictionary at random is an excellent and interesting way to learn new words and their meaning, and find out some more words you already know and use commonly in your daily life.

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