Born To Win

  • Born To Win

  • It is our prime responsibility to recognize, honor and appreciate the best talent from our schools all over India. Positive recognition is a great incentive and motivation for the students to continue working hard. The AHPS Registered Office has taken a step forward in this direction and come up with a yearly prize scheme for the students @ Born-To-Win Accolades.


    Born-to-win Accolades is a scheme well thought-out by us to spot extraordinary students under diverse categories and give them prestigious recognition every year. The Registered Office will invite nomination(s) for the Award of Extraordinary Students in any discipline from its AHPS schools across India.


    Students are adjudged to be eligible for the Extraordinary Award category based on the nominations received for exceptional achievements and /or contributions. This is a recognition by the Registered Office at the National Level, of the unprecedented and outstanding excellence of AHPS students in any field. They are felicitated for their unparalleled talent be it in society, bravery, culture, sports or academics.