Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) is the formal school brand from the House of Bachpan. AHPS was launched in 2009 and has 110+ schools country-wide, presently. AHPS takes pride in being one of the premiere brands in the formal school segment.

AHPS was conceived and launched to extend the same standard and quality of education, pedagogy and grooming of students as are prevelant in Bachpan, at the formal school level.

In a short span of time between 2009 and now, AHPS has strode the formal school space like a colossus and presently has 110+ schools country-wide.

AHPS aims to make learning an enjoyable experience with cherishable values and skills for a lifetime. Education at AHPS is not all about learning theories, equations or concepts. But, it also teaches to be creative outside the classrooms and school premises.

A major part of education lies in the skill and talent enhancement of students. With the amalgamation of Academics, Sports and Fine arts, the grand annual event namely the Annual AHPS Mega Competitions took shape and was launched with spectacular success in 2014. In 2018, we planned it as a Mega Event and it was a fantastic success by way of talent and everything. The 5th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions came up as eventful, purposeful and most importantly, successful. Now we are back with the 6th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions(2019-20) with some stupendous, contemporary and interesting changes. We believe in offering a platform to students where they can participate in a spectrum of competitions and build their communicative, academic, creative and physical skills.

A large canvas of competitions widens the scope to unleash and bring to the forefront, the potential and inherent talent, aptitude and competitive skills of our students. Such events as the AHPS Mega Competitions groom students to compete healthily, develop sporting nature, share, learn, care and work as team, which in turn gives rise to a cohesive and tolerant society and nation.

Welcome to the 6th ANNUAL AHPS MEGA COMPETITIONS (2019-20). Here's to more scintillating performances and success!!

Think Positive, Seize the Opportunity and Soar High!