Q1. What is new about the 6th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions (2019-20)?

  • 3 new events are added
    • Chess
    • Robotics
    • National Youth Parliament
  • Outside schools (other than AHPS) are allowed to take part in any 5 sports events only.
  • All certificates (Certificate of Participation & Certificate of Merit) will be generated online only. No hardcopy of the certificates will be given.

Q2. What are the dates of the 6th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions (2019-20)?

Dates of the 6th Annual AHPS Mega Competitions (2019-20) are from 3rd Oct., 2019 to 5th Oct., 2019.

Q3. From where will we get the forms and other details?

All communication will be done online, including filling the registration forms, submissions, payments, confirmations, list of participants, etc. The form is available at www.academicheights.in/interahps. This form is accessible from 15th June, 2019 only.

Q4. What are the details/things required to fill in the online form?

To fill the online form, you need to arrange all the following details and files before logging in. These are:
  • Final list of names of participants
  • Their details like class, age, aadhar card no., gender, event and category they want to participate in and size of their t-shirt.
  • Soft copy of their passport size photograph (maximum 15KB in jpg format) to upload wherever asked.
  • Kindly fill in the details properly. The certificates will be designed on the basis of this list. If you wish to make certain changes later, kindly do not click the submit button. Click on the save button and your data will be saved. Once you are sure, kindly login, check the details and click the submit button. This will redirect you to the payment gateway (online payment mode).

Q5. Can we register the names by sending hard copies to the Regd. Office?

No, only online entries will be accepted. The participation form and other details must be filled and sent online because the Registered Office will not be handling the registration process at all. The task has been outsourced and the Regd. Office will get the automated list only which will be final.No changes will be entertained thereafter.

Q6. Can we contact the Registered Office to fill the form and confirm our registration?

The Registered Office cannot help you in enrollments. You have to fill the forms online which will be recorded by a separate company. They will confirm your registration through mails only. For any assistance, you can contact Ms. Twinkle Garg (Relationship Manager) at 7290010860, you can also mail us at support@academicheights.in .

Q7. When will the enrollment process start?

The enrollment process will start from 15th June, 2019.

Q8.What is the last date for online registration?

The last date for online registration is 31st July, 2019.

Q9. What is the participation fee for this event?

Participation fee is ₹ 2600/- + 18% taxes per child per event without transport and ₹ 3200/- + 18% taxes per child per event with transport.The fee is non-refundable.

Q10. Are there any other charges except the participation fee of ₹ 2600/- + 18% taxes without transport and ₹ 3200/- + 18% taxes with transport?

No, there are no other charges except the participation fee of ₹ 2600/- + 18% taxes without transport and ₹ 3200/- + 18% taxes with transport. Also, no late fee criterion will be applicable this time as no entries will be accepted after 31st July, 2018.
All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Evening tea/snacks) will be provided at the scheduled timings. No meal will be served in between. If any student wants to buy/eat anything from canteen/grocery shop, she/he can do so by paying from his/her pocket. But we don't think there will be such requirement.

Q11. Is the participation fee refundable?

No, the participation fee is non-refundable.

Q12. What amenities/facilities are included in the participation fee?

The participation fee includes—
  • Pick & drop from New Delhi Railway Station or Airport to the venue & vice versa. (If paid for it.)
  • 2 nights stay
  • All meals (For 3 days i.e. 3rd Oct. 2019 [breakfast] to 5th Oct. 2019 [lunch])
  • A Kit (having T-shirts, Chest numbers, Sipper)
  • A framed photograph

Q13. Can a student participate in more than one event?

No, a student cannot participate in more than one event.

Q14. How many teachers are allowed to accompany? (Teacher: Students Ratio)?

One teacher is allowed free of cost to accompany 10 students.
No. of Students No. of Teachers
10 - 14 Students 1 Teacher
15 - 24 Students 2 Teachers
25 - 34 Students 3 Teachers
and so on.
If more teachers want to come and attend this event, they are allowed to come on a minimal charge of ₹ 2600/- + 18% Taxes per person.

Q15. Who should accompany the students—male teacher or female teacher?

Male teachers will stay along with their male students & female teachers will stay with female students. So, plan accordingly. If there are both male and female students, a male & female teacher should accompany them.

Q16. Will the Regd. Office pay to and fro fares from our state?

No, the Regd. Office will not pay any amount for your travel from your state to Delhi or vice-versa. Only pick and drop facility within Delhi will be provided.

Q17. How can we reach the venue after reaching Delhi?


If you have paid for the service then you have to send your arrival & departure details to the Registered Office by 10th August, 2019.. On that basis, Pick and drop facility will be provided to you by the Regd. Office and details of pick & drop (vehicle/timings) will be given to you before your arrival in Delhi.

Q18. Will anyone from the Registered Office be available for pick up? (If you have paid for the service.)

No one will be available from the Registered Office for pick up. Google maps of the station will be available on the website. You will have to reach the parking lot where your buses would be waiting to drop you to the venue. Details of bus numbers, drivers etc. will be given.

Q19. Can we come to the venue on 4th  Oct., 2019 just before the start of the events?

No one will be allowed to enter the venue after 12:30 p.m. on 3rd Oct. 2019.

Q20. Will the Registered Office provide us pick up and accommodation a day/night before the event?


No, the Registered Office will not provide any pick up or accommodation a day/night before or after the event. If required, kindly refer to the special note on Accommodation in Guidelines.

Though we can provide you the details of the Hotels so that you can book your rooms according to your arrival and departure.

Q21. What would happen if our train is late?

You should inform your Relationship Officer if you are getting late in the journey.

Q22. When and where will we get the itinerary of this program?


All the schools must report at the venue by 12:30 p.m. on 3rd Oct., 2019. The Program Itinerary will be provided at the Reception on 3rd Oct., 2019.

Q23. What documents must schools carry for this Mega event?


The following documents must be carried in a file to be submitted—

  1. I-cards of each participant (Students)(photo copy only)
  2. I-cards of the teachers accompanying students(photo copy only)
  3. Permission letter from the Director(original)
  4. Event-wise list of the participants and accompanying teachers (print out)
  5. Photocopies of birth certificates of each participant
  6. Original Photographs of all participants and teacher
  7. Photocopy of Aadhar Card of each participant
  8. Consent letter from each parent
  9. A medical certificate from a doctor stating that the child is healthy and fit to participate in this event or particular game.
Special Note:- Schools have to submit this file at the time of registration at Reception on 3rd Oct., 2019. You also have to mail a soft copy of a folder including all the above mentioned documents to us.

Q24. What are the things that students should carry along with them?


Each student must carry—

  1. Night Dress
  2. 2 pairs of casual wear
  3. 1 pair of proper school uniform (including blazer)
  4. School I-card
  5. Sports shoes
  6. Slippers
  7. Medicine (if required)
  8. Toilet kit (soap, brush, toothpaste, etc.)
  9. Equipment for the events they are participating in (like racquet, pen/pencil, colours, etc.)
  10. Aadhar Card/Passport (photo copy)
  11. A lock with key

Q25. Will there be certificates for participants?


Yes, all the participants will be given Participation Certificates. (digital certificates only)

Q26. What are the Awards/Medals for the winners?


First three position winners of each event will be awarded with Merit Certificates and Medals (Gold, Silver & Bronze in that order).

The school that wins maximum number of gold medals, will be awarded the Winner's Trophy.

Q27. Who will judge the participants?


A separate jury for each event will be there. They will judge all the participants. Based on their observations and judgement, the medals & certificates etc. will be given.

Q28. Can we leave the place earlier if our school does not qualify for the finals?


No,  schools  are  not  allowed  to  leave  earlier  under  any  circumstances. However, your teachers & students are allowed to watch others' competitions.

Q29. How will we come to know about the details of our stay & competitions?


As soon as you register yourself at the Reception of the Venue, the complete chart including details of the event, directions to your rooms and lawns will be provided.

Q30. What is the last date to deposit the entry fee?


The fee must only be deposited online along with the Registration Form. As the last date for registration is 31st July, 2019, the last date to deposit the fee is also the same i.e. 31st July, 2019.

Q31. Is there any helpline number or e-mail ID where we can contact as per our requirement?


Yes, a candidate from the Regd. Office will be there to answer your queries. For any assistance, you can contact Ms. Twinkle Garg (Relationship Manager) at 7290010860. You can also mail us at support@academicheights.in .

Q32. Will the venues of stay and competition be different or same?


The campus is same for the stay and competitions. There is hardly a 500m walking distance between the places of stay & competitions.

Q33. Is there any uniform for these competitions?


Yes, T-shirt and cycling shorts comprise the uniform to be worn by the students during the events. T-shirts will be provided by the Registered Office but black Lowers/Cycling shorts must be brought by the students themselves when they come. For Solo Dance and Group Dance events, participants have to bring their own costumes & props.

Q34. Is it mandatory to take consent letter from parents?


Yes, the consent letter from parents is mandatory. All schools have to bring the hard copies of the consent letters of all the participants and submit at the venue before the start of the events.

Q35. How would the weather be in Delhi during the event? What type of clothes should we bring?


Normally, Delhi’s weather in October is moderate and pleasant. It is neither too cold nor too hot. But still, you can check through Internet.

Q36. Can students bring camera, phone or any other electric gadgets?


Students are advised not to bring any valuables but if someone brings, the school and the Regd. Office will not be responsible for the loss of such things.

Q37. Do we have to bring any lock?


The teachers are advised to bring 3-4 locks with them for the security of their bags, baggage etc. Students also have to bring a lock & key.

Q38. Will any assistance/help be given for the booking of tickets?


No, the Registered Office will not help in this matter.

Q39. Can I meet my relatives/friends outside the venue?


No, you are not allowed to go out.

Q40. What are the things that are not allowed at the event?


Liquor, tobacco products, weapons, non-veg food, etc. are not allowed. Anybody found with these will be disqualified from the event. A surprise checking can be done in any room anytime.

Q41. What can be the total number of the participants?


The total number of participants for this event is 725. To raise the bar of competition in sports, students from 10-15 outside schools (other than AHPS) will be participating only in 5 sports events. The selection of students will be done on first come, first served basis. Once 725 students are selected, the registration process will be terminated irrespective of the last date.

Q42. Will we get breakfast on 3rd Oct., 19?


Breakfast boxes will be given to you in the bus on 3rd Oct., 19 which will include Dal Kachori, Bread Pakoda, Balushahi, Frooti, Cutlet, Biscuit, Sauce.

Q43. If we want a night stay on 5th Oct., 2019, then will we get the dinner?


If you stay on 5th night and you want dinner as well— you have to pay ₹ 600/- per person. But if you want dinner only then you have to pay ₹ 200/- only.

Q44. If we stay on 5th  Oct., 2019 at night, then will we get dinner from the Registered Office?


For dinner on 5th Oct., 2019, you will be charged ₹ 200/- per person. But you need stay along with dinner, then you have to pay ₹ 600/- per person.

Q45. If we stay till 6th Oct., 19, then will we get breakfast from the Regd. Office?


No, we can only provide you Refreshment box that will be same as given on 3thOct., 19. It will be chargeable at an extra cost of ` 200/- per member

Q46. Can we get what we want in the menu?


The menu will be fixed for everyone. Find the menu details at the end of Guidelines.

Q47. Will the Registered Office organise Delhi Darshan?


No, the Regd. Office will not organise Delhi Darshan this time.

Q48. Will we get a chance to have a photograph with the Chief guest?


No, no photography session will be done with the Chief Guest. Each student can get a photograph clicked from the Selfie/Photo Booth present there.

Q49. Will we get a separate room for stay?


No, your stay will be combined with students/teachers of other schools.

Q50. Will we be provided with A/C rooms?


The rooms can be A/C rooms, non-A/C rooms, non-cooler rooms, etc. It is possible that no lift facilities will be available at the venue.

Q51. How will we get to know the directions in the campus?


A campus map will be displayed at the reception for your convenience.

Q52. Who can contact the Regd. Office for information, query, etc?


You are supposed to nominate any one teacher of your school as School Leader.

He/she can contact the Regd. Office for information/query, etc.