• IT Lab

  • IT is our present and every school that looks up to being the Best CBSE school will work on its language. Not only language, but AHPS also strives to make its students competent in computer education as well. Our IT Lab is well furnished with camcorders, Digi-cameras, scanners, internet connectivity, etc. Tech proficiency is the need of the hour, and hence, we want our students to face the world head-on from all sides.

    • Students can code and create new educational apps. They can create their own sites and blogs.
    • They can make notes and compose books using a document writing and editing application. They can use Microsoft Excel to practice math equations. Students can learn, exercise, and enhance their Hindi and English typing skills if they also have accessibility.
    • Students can learn to utilize the internet to pay fees online, get online school admission, and collaborate on projects and assessments with online student communities.
    • Students can use online computer software to practice video conferencing with a teacher, get easy with online public school, and a variety of other educational activities.
    • And, most importantly, all students will be able to study cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, robots, data analytics, cloud technology, the Internet of Things, and many more.