Life Skills

  • Life Skills

  • Celebrate Life

    We encourage students to participate in cultural activities. It develops self-confidence, team-work, sportsmanship, determination, and enriches them culturally.


    Waive-Off Stress

    We ensure that students get involved in fun activities, exercises, yoga, pleasure trips, team plays, etc., and channelize their energy and eliminate internal and external stress.



    Think Critically

    At AHPS, we promote brainstorming through open-ended questions and much more which promotes thinking, an objective and critical one.

  • Find Solutions

    We provide various opportunities to our students involving out of the box thinking which paves way to development of problem-solving and decision-making skills.


    Regulate Mental Peace

    At AHPS, we take every effort to practice what our logo says. We aim at enriching the five senses of the child through various meditation techniques.

    Face Challenges

    ‘Survival of the fittest’ is a thumb rule. We aim at counseling a child to be that fit to face challenges and tell them that these are nothing more than stepping stones to victory.