School Level


  • All AHPS students of classes 3rd to 8th are eligible.


  • In order to conduct Olympiads in a school - a minimum of 10 students per class need to participate in each Olympiad subject.

  • If this criterion is not fulfilled, the students will not be considered for the School Level results. But if they perform well, they will be eligible for the National Level Olympiads.

  • All the necessary information regarding the test pattern, process of registration, etc. are provided in the brochure.

  • The registration form is available online.

  • Schools must fill their Registration forms online completely and correctly.

  • The last date for the Registration process is 5th September, 2017.

  • No application will be considered after the date stipulated by the Registered Office.


Note: Question papers and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheets will be provided by the Registered Office to the schools. The numbers of Questions papers & OMR sheets will be given to each school on the basis of the numbers of participants from the particular school.

  • Each class will have its own set of test papers.

  • Each class will have one test paper for each of the 4 subjects (English, Maths, Science, and Computer) at each level.

  • All the questions will be Multiple Choice Question (MCQ’s).

  • There will be 35 MCQ’s for classes 3rd to 5th and 50 MCQ’s for classes 6th to 8th.

  • The total duration to complete the test is 1 hour.

  • Students have to mark their answers on the OMR sheets provided.

  • Students must fill the columns and other details in the OMR sheets completely and correctly.

  • Detailed instruction regarding filling the columns in the OMR sheets will be provided on the OMR sheet.

  • Rough sheets can be provided to the students by the schools, if required.Those rough sheets must be attached along with the OMR sheets.

  • Students should write their names on the rough sheets as well

  • There will be No Negative Marking.

  • Sample question papers and OMR sheet will be made available to you online. You can visit this link for the same-


  • The payment will be done via online transaction. The payment gateway will appear after saving and submitting the form completely.


  • The top three winners in each subject and class at the School-Level Olympiads will be awarded in their schools.

  • The award will be given as follows—
    • 1.First Position — Merit Certificate + Gold Medal
    • 2.Second Position — Merit Certificate + Silver Medal
    • 3.Third Position — Merit Certificate + Bronze Medal

  • Other participants will be awarded Participation Certificate as an encouragement.

  • The minimum qualifying criteria in each Olympiad is at least 50% of the total marks allotted to each subject.

  • If the winning student does not score at least 50% in a particular subject, he/she will not be considered winner at any level.