Parenting Tips

  • Parenting Tips

  • Don’t Compare

    Do not compare them with anyone. God has given you a unique one.


    Trigger effective and health communication with your child on regular basis.

    Be mindful of changes

    Keep in mind the changes adolescence is bringing them. They are facing challenges too.

    Observe mood

    Cater to their mood swings tactfully.

    Inculcate belief

    Make them believe that they are surrounded by people who would help.

    Counsel about results

    Try to tell them the consequences of each of their right-doing and wrong-doing.

    Inculcate positivity

    Tell them that the world is a beautiful place which has beautiful people.

    Build confidence

    Do not let them lose confidence in you.

    Model trust

    Showcase and benchmark the trust you want them to have in you.


    Hold healthy discussions with family members at home.

    Do not demean

    Try not to remind the child of his past failures and subsequent potential failures.

    Introduce change

    Always motivate them for accepting changes for good.

    Inculcate courage

    Make them believe that harder times are the stepping stones to victory.

  • Do not demotivate

    Do not remind them of their low grades in a particular subject area.

    Build Teacher’s image

    Never let them believe that the teacher will be unsupportive to them at any step.

    Do not create fright

    Try not to terrorize them in the name of school punishments. We, at AHPS develop and not dismantle a child’s aspirations.

    Make everything easy

    Do take them over the thought of considering a particular subject as tough or non-scoring.

    No rote-learning

    Prevent them from the practice of rote learning or mugging up just for better grades.

    Keep in touch

    Keep in regular touch with teachers to keep a track of child’s performance.

    Align efforts

    Try to align your efforts with that of the teachers to make your child more than he can be.

    No gender bias

    Raise a boy in a manner that he respects women and does not resort to gender bias.

    Observe self-respect

    Raise a girl in a manner that she values self-respect at first place and does not resort to or surrender to any statement or an act of gender bias.


    Inculcate in them importance of staying clean and keeping their surroundings clean. We are still learning thus, it’s just a beginning for the child who is in midst of a formal school training.

    Open communication

    Hold healthy discussions with the child about each day’s learning at school.

    Report deviations

    Report and Discuss with the teacher any major deviation observed in the child’s learning or behavior.

    Strike balance

    Regulate and strike a balance if at all the child is taking up subject coaching outside school. There are different ways of teaching and we, at AHPS, adopt the best one and are ever ready to re-explain concepts till rightly understood. Different learning sources can cause confusion and deter the efforts of teachers and educators at AHPS.