Partnership With Parents

  • Partnership With Parents

  • Adequate communication between parents and the school is very important for the development of the child. At AHPS, we create opportunities for parents and teachers to come together on the same platform to interact freely and work towards child’s welfare

  • We believe in sharing and exchanging every detail related to students’ progress, upcoming events of the school, what’s new at AHPS, etc., with the parents. With this, our aim is to nourish the skills and talents of students through active collaboration of parents and teachers.

  • At AHPS, we believe that parental involvement in the school helps children achieve the best possible learning outcomes. We initiate a dialogue with the parents about school’s activities, on a regular basis, to make their child’s education fruitful.

  • Free flow of communication between parents and the school kindles new and innovative ideas to enhance the learning environment for the students. We facilitate an atmosphere where parents and teachers feel free to discuss various topics related to the development of the child.

  • We allow parents and teachers the time to talk, listen and understand one another through various modes round the clock like PTM’s, e-mails, phone calls, WhatsApp, etc. Regular and any-time communication with parents is a mandatory norm at AHPS.

  • Interaction is a chance for parents, teachers and the school to exchange thoughts and ideas in the best interest of the students. Parents’ feedback, suggestion and opinion is very essential for students’ development and for an enhanced performance.

  • Talk shows, Orientation Program for Parents and Conclaves are a must at AHPS for parents. Their participation in Sports Day, Fetes, etc. is also encouraged by the school. This adds more enthusiasm in students to excel in a field of work.

  • Teachers and personnel at AHPS are ever-ready to provide all support cushioning and feedback to parents and assist them in every manner possible. Every parent-teacher meeting is an opportunity to refine each child’s individual learning plan and personal growth.

  • At AHPS, we have a special forum for parents’ consultation and grievances. The staff here is very friendly and capable of redressing and administering solutions to problems so as to continue the education process at home in an effective manner.

  • We believe that each child has an inherent ability which needs polishing to ooze out their full potential. For this, parents’ involvement in school events and activities play a pivot role. At AHPS, we organize numerous events and activities for students and parents to participate in.

  • We conduct orientation programs, workshops, meetings, celebrations, etc., to connect parents and students with the school faculty. Such events keep parents aware of their child’s growth and activities in the school.

  • The teachers at AHPS plan and implement a very effective counseling plan wherein individual counseling of the parents as well as with the student is taken up. Counselors are trained professionals or our teachers who solve varied issues related to the child.