• Prismart Learning

    Interactive E-solutions at it's best!

    We make use of smart classes to provide students with a learning environment that is conducive to their growth and development. Smart classrooms blend fun and education for students in the form of interactive videos, quizzes, manuals, animations, and simulations prepared with advanced technology. Prismart is our tech-proficient arm which makes sure that everything that students learn is engaging and impactful and that they have the best school experience.

    With a seamless blend of education and fun, Prismart e-solutions bring an absolute transformation to the classrooms and have the ingredients of the best primary school or best high school. Prismart is exclusively a classroom tool that provides customized teaching-learning solutions.

    • Prismart e-solutions enable students to focus on the given topics with interest and boost their levels of learning.
    • We use an Interactive board, Prismart software, and CPU with the help of a Data Projector installed in the classes, to display the rich visual presentations relating to our content.
    • Prismart brings technology alongside blackboards and minimizes the use of chalk and duster.
    • These audio-visuals encourage active participation and interaction among students as per the standard of CBSE Schools.
    • Worksheets, quizzes, manuals, and other support material along with equally engaging content make learning enjoyable for the students and help in improving their academic performance.