• Pritab

    Enhance Learning with Self-Tablet Learning.

    AHPS has designed and launched PriTab, a home-based product, exclusively for our students. PriTab enables children to get maximum self-exposure at learning to ensure multiple skill development. The tab makes education accessible to students even outside the classroom.

    • With PriTab, we aim at enhancing the essential skills of listening, reading, music, logic and analysis in the students with the help of technology.
    • PriTab gives our students the smart edge over others because of its wonderful ability to enhance learning.
    • PriTab comes with a preloaded and carefully crafted 3D content. The colorful and animated content is completely mapped with our curriculum.
    • The SD Cards is equipped with a wide variety of worksheets, quizzes, puzzles, games, and quality educational content.
    • PriTab completely engages students with very attractive, interesting and interactive game-play that not only encourages active participation but also makes students self-dependent while learning concepts.