• Robotime

    A Road to Learning with Robotime!

    The world is dynamic more than ever, and therefore, our education system needs to adapt to changes to make the students future-ready. We have made Robotime a part of our curriculum in this direction. Students get the opportunities to learn core life skills through various applications of robotics. In addition, robotics helps students develop their motor skills and make complex logical connections that are needed in primary schools or high schools in our country. AHPS takes pride in providing technical exposure to all its students.

    Robotime is an Action-Packed set of the complete Robotics Curriculum introduced by Prismart at AHPS. Robotime with coding allows students from pre-primary through primary & middle schools to secondary level to understand the applications to core life skills in an activity and sci-fi manner.

    • Children transform themselves from primary schools and have environmental perceptions for making logical connections. Therefore, it is the right age to introduce the concept of logic for them to build a stronger mind.
    • The digital world is getting automated and robust each day. By the time our students complete their schooling at AHPS, they will become well-versed in coding, logic, and mechanics.
    • Robotime empowers students to plan, build, execute and implement robotics applications in everyday life with Comprehensive Learning.
    • Based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), a pupil acquires a specialized skill set and knowledge of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Creativity
    • Robotime opens a path to future career streams for children through the medium of flip-technical exposure.