• Robotime

    A Road to Learning with Robotime!

    Robotime is an Action-Packed set of the complete Robotics Curriculum introduced by Prismart at AHPS. Robotime with coding allow students from pre-primary through primary & middle schools to secondary level to understand the applications to core life skills in an activity and sci-fi manner.

    • Children transform themselves from having environmental perceptions to making logical connections. Therefore, it is the right age to introduce the concept of logic for them to build a stronger mind.
    • The digital world is getting automated and robust each day. By the time our students complete their schooling at AHPS, they will become well-versed in coding, logic, and mechanics.
    • Robotime empowers students to plan, build, execute and implement robotics applications in everyday life with Comprehensive Learning.
    • Based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), a pupil acquires a specialized skill set and knowledge of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Creativity
    • Robotime opens a path to future career streams for children through the medium of a flip-technical exposure.