• Summer School is an initiative designed to provide an experiential learning experience. The main objective is to create an exclusive learning platform where the child will develop their creative skills. Different programs have been planned to incorporate all the age groups from kindergarten to grade XII.



  • Details of the Summer School Program :-


  • Mode of Classes Online classes – Supported by Bachpan AHPS 360 Application
    Offline Classes – Supported by Rishihood University
    Online Classes Kindergarten to class 12
    Offline Classes Age Group (6 – 8) and (9-12)
    Course Fee Online Classes Rs 1750
    Course Fee Offline Rs 6500


  • Class Details –


  • Duration ( Online Classes) 4 weeks ( 6 days a week )
    Total number of Online Classes 48 ( 2 classes every – 30 mins each )
    Duration (Offline Classes) 6 days residential program supported by Rishihood University


  • Group Index –


  • Group Details Mode of conduct Duration – Course Age group Amount
    Group 01 Online 4 Weeks (6 days a week) Prenursery
    Rs 1750
    Group 02 Online 4 Weeks (6 days a week) Classes (1 to 5) Rs 1750
    Group 03 Online 4 Weeks (6 days a week) Classes (6 to 8) Rs 1750
    Group 04 Online 4 Weeks (6 days a week) Classes (9 to 12) Rs 1750
    Group 05 Offline – Supported by Rishihood University 6 days residential program Classes (6 to 8) Rs 6500
    Group 06 Offline – Supported by Rishihood University 6 days residential program Classes (9 to 12) Rs 6500
  • Online Module Supported  by  Bachpan  AHPS  360  Application

    1. Group 1 – Online (supported by Bachpan AHPS 360 Application)Prenursery/Nursery/KinderGarten


    Classes Offered –

    • 1.1 Block Based Scratch Program

      Enables your child to program their own interactive games, stories and animations

    • 1.2 Piano

      Help your child develop motor control, listening skills and memory. Playing piano impacts the ability to plan, coordination, language skills and attention span

    • 1.3 Painting/Drawing/Craft with Shapes

      Crafting helps develop fine motor skills. The act of grabbing a crayon or paint brush develops the muscles that will later help preschoolers button their coat, tie their shoes, write, and more

    • 1.4 Fun Fitness/Zumba/Yoga

      Grove your way into the fitness with fun fitness sessions 

    • 1.5 Language Skills – Master in Phonic/English Speaking

      Phonics is one of the most effective ways of teaching children to learn to read, and can lay a proper foundation for the success of a child.

    • 1.6 Dance

      Helps engage your child to develop core muscles, balance and strength. Consequently, this provides a strong foundation for children to remain active while doing something that they enjoy.

         Deliverables –

    •  E- Worksheets and Assignments
    • Completion Certificate



    1. Group 2 – Online Class (supported by Bachpan AHPS 360 Application)

        ( Class 1 to 5 )

         Classes Offered

    •  2.1 Dance

      Dancing is a form of self-expression, which is essential for healthy emotional development in children. Your child will learn to channel their feelings into their dances, allowing them to express and build self-confidence from an early age.

    • 2.2 Painting/Drawing/Craft with Shapes

      Art activities help children discover the ‘gift for art ‘.Making art boosts a child’s self-esteem by giving them the chance to express what they think and how they feel.

    • 2.3 Fun Fitness/Zumba/Yoga/Aerobics

      Inculcate the fitness routine with fun aerobics classes.

    • 2.4 Vedic Maths

      Become a Human Calculator yourself!

    • 2.5 Piano

      Learn the piano techniques of using fingers, hands, arms and condition your brain to execute the chords and scales with ease.

    • 2.6 Coding/Block Based Scratch Program

      In this tech-era , it is important for children to understand digital language coding. Block coding is an entry-level programming activity that allows children to gain an understanding of how coding works to develop digital animation or games.

    • 2.7 Personality Development

      Personality grooming plays a vital role in a child’s early years of development. We include activities like Story narration, Role playing, Show n Tell, communication skills , Voice and speech enhancement that helps in developing impressive personalities.


            Deliverables –

    • E- Worksheets and Assignments
    • Completion Certificate
  • 3. Group 3 – Online Class (supported by Bachpan AHPS 360 Application)( Class 6 to 8 )

    Classes Offered 

    •  3.1 Piano

      The piano classes are designed to teach students a lot more than the skills.They would practice time management and organisation since it requires concentration , discipline and patience.

    • 3.2 Painting and Drawing

      Along with the motor and thinking skills , the painting and drawing classes  for students are an opportunity to be creative on a plain sheet and express what’s on their heads.

    • 3.3 Fun Fitness/Zumba/Yoga/Aerobics

      It’s important to be equally responsible for the fitness and fun. For that sake, the Zumba an aerobics classes would be beneficial for students in many ways with a variety of fitness activities.

    • 3.4 Kid Entrepreneurship

      The Kid entrepreneurship class would encourage Kids to think out of the box and go for new entrepreneurial ideas.

    • 3.5 Coding – Design your own app

      We have included this class as coding can help students understand technology better. It is not only about technology , it enhances problem solving skills alongside.


             Deliverables –

    • E- Worksheets and Assignments
    • Completion Certificate
    1. Group 4 – Online Class (supported by Bachpan AHPS 360 Application)( Class 9 to 12 )

     Classes Offered 

    • 4.1 Personality Grooming

      The most important step towards grooming a Kid’s personality is making them believe in themselves. This class will allow them to trust their capabilities, talents and skills. We would ignite faith within them in whatever they do.

    • 4.2 Introduction to the AI world

      In our AI world, students will get plenty of opportunities to apply  their creativity an critical thinking skills. Save your spot now to have fun with AI !

    • 4.3 Cyber safety Awareness Program + Cyber Laws

      Students would learn about some basic internet rules. We would try to shift their focus on empowerment, not fear in the cyber world.

    • 4.4 Business Entrepreneurship

      We are living in the world of start-ups and have seen revolutions in the world of entrepreneurship. Teaching your minds at the right time would surely help them choose the right path ahead, and that is our aim for this class.

    •  4.5 Creative Arts

      Colors ignite a sense of happiness in everyone. We can say that  students bring out the best of their creativity while pouring colors on sheets. The creative art class would try to bring out the best sketching and drawing capabilities of the students.

    • 4.6 Piano

      Music refines the soul and kids would love to be a part of the upgraded piano lessons of our summer school. They would learn some sharp and advanced of tunes and whirl in their rhythms.

    • 4.7 Animation and Designing

      This training will address the computer technology that is standard in the animation industry, such as 3D animation. Students will also learn a great deal about traditional visual art, including colour theory, composition and drawing as well as relevant techniques.


            Deliverables –

    • E- Worksheets and Assignments
    • Completion Certificate
  • “Learning is not a product of Teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of the learner.”- John Holt

  • We strongly believe that learning is ongoing progress that helps an individual in developing an eminent personality. We focus on providing ample learning opportunities and SUMMER SCHOOL is here with the same motive.

  • We are ready to take learning to the next level and provide a spectrum of knowledge.

    Summer School is an exclusive program that is available in ONLINE and OFFLINE mode. 

    Now, to give our students more exposure and strengthen them in the world of technology and innovation, we are bringing a month-long Summer School Program catering to all age groups from kindergarten to class 12.

  • Pandemic has been a great teacher. It taught us that anything is possible. It introduced the virtual world and blessed us with another mode of learning.

  • Our students will get a chance to attend creative workshops on Entrepreneurship, APP Block programming, 3D design, Chess, Creative Arts, and Piano by experienced teachers. The curriculum of each of these subjects has been designed by well-qualified teachers who believe that it will enhance the student’s confidence, creativity, and imagination giving them the necessary skills to apply in real-world situations.

  • Summer School will be held from 20th May 2021 to20th June 2021.

    Every registrant will be awarded a certification of participation.


  • We sincerely hope that you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing opportunity that can help every kid in exploring their worth through various forms of creating activities.


    For more details contact – events@academicheights.in / 7290010860