• Testimonials

  • The teachers at AHPS undertake every effort to act as a facilitator and create an environment of two-way communication.

    — Akriti Sharma

    AHPS is a reachable phenomenon I must say. It’s a school that is ever progressing and answers each query of the parent.

    — Archit Singhal
  • We, as parents find every room to give feedback to the institution and each of it is catered to its best by the teachers as well as the management of the school.

    — Anupriya Sahu

    AHPS looks into the child’s inquisitiveness to learn new ways of doing things and this is an unparalleled achievement for any school.

    — Neelam Yadav
    • My child has been a Bachpanite and was ever enthusiastic about starting his formal school from AHPS. –

      Pooja Beniwal
    • The brainstorming sessions at AHPS makes the child fall less of absenteeism owing to his enthusiasm to attend upcoming brainstorming sessions at school which a true symbol of edutainment

      Anushka Bhanot
    • At AHPS, there are a lot of discussions and debates on a topic of understanding, question-answer round, quizzes and hands-on activities under the guidance of learned teachers.

      Ashima Goel
    • My daughter plays well and with that is excelling in academics as well which make us happy to the core.

      Neena Agarwal
    • • AHPS has a well defined and well planned time table which carefully looks into engaging the child into art and craft, music, dance, creative writing, sports, and academics.

      Kritika Abbi
    • I, as a parent, would recommend AHPS to every parent and that would be one of the decision they would not regret ever.

      Muskan Singh
    • My experience so far with AHPS owing to my child’s happy schooling makes me quote this that I have researched almost 20 schools and found AHPS to the best fit for my child.

      Tarandeep Kaur
    • My daughter from her very early childhood used to enjoy working on gadgets and wanted a modern way of learning new things. AHPS made me to discover that there are schools which use technology such as smart boards effectively.

      Jeevika Sethi
    • My child feels so comfortable with the ever-supportive teachers at AHPS that he prefers to share all his queries, both academic as well as non-academic, with them.

      Honey Puri
    • I wholeheartedly wish to convey my regards to AHPS management team for making it a school class apart and building an institution which develops a feeling of trust and comfort in the parents.

      Mitali Vyas
    • My son is into sports and we, as parents, were worried about his grades as far as academics are concerned. AHPS strikes a balance between sports and academics in an effective manner.

      Deepa Sharma