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    Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) is an eminent name in the K-12 schools segment. Established in 2009, AHPS has currently 100+ schools all over India. At AHPS, we share the philosophy of excellence. Our objective is to inculcate the desire for excellence through constant improvement, and consistent competition.

    Our USPs

    There are a lot of ‘UNIQUES” in the methods and curriculum used regularly at the Academic Heights Public Schools that have made it contemporary and innovatively aided so that students can get the best school they always look for. AHPS is always striving towards being the Best Cbse School and continuously introduces new tools and manners that are loved by students. Some of them are:



  • Why AHPS?

    • We develop Aspiring Leaders and Achievers

      At AHPS, we share the philosophy of excellence. We’re proud to develop leaders and achievers for our nation.

    • We Continuously Strive towards Holistic Development

      We feel proud of the holistic approach and format of CBSE education that we give to the students.

    • We Offer Practically Oriented Learning

      We’ve culminated a complete model to lay an enriched and firm foundation for a human being.

    • Stunning Infra and Technology to Boost Learning

      Infrastructure is the first thing that will attract parents while looking for a CBSE school admission

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    academic heights public school

    • Amalgamation of Qualities

      AHPS is committed to promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical aspects of education in the young minds.

    • Competition and Compassion

      A platform for the children to develop their mind intellectually and foster gaining knowledge along with fun and competitive spirit.

    • Leaders and Achievers!

      We aim to inculcate strong qualities ‘in the leadership of unparalleled creative sensibilities and of true patriotism at AHPS.

    • Traditional yet Modern!

      We target our innovatively modern curriculum and teaching-learning methods to instill the essence of traditional values at AHPS.

    • Playful but Enthusiast!

      We believe that learning happens much more beyond the reams of books and the horizons of the classrooms that foster an enthusiastic human.

  • Loved and acknowledged by STUDENTS everywhere in India

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  • Facets that Students enjoy @ AHPS

    follows our children everywhere

    The modern world has a lot to offer for learning at K-12 schools. We try to inculcate as many facets as possible to make life full of creativity and growth at the Academic Heights Public School.





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    Methodic Curriculum




    Enriching Techniques





    R & D

    • Professional and experienced R & D team.
    • Qualified and trained teachers.
    • Educational dignitaries in the curriculum review panel.
    • Complete support, training, and grooming.


    • Latest educational technology for teaching-learning.
    • Inclining reading material with tech tools.
    • Regular upgrade of the tech tools.
    •Minutely structured digital content.

    Tech Learning


    • Hands-on robotics through Robotime.
    • English Language Lab: AWELI Drive.
    • Digital Content along with class transitions.

    Fostering Students


    •AHPS: Chain of 110+ CBSE schools nationwide.
    • Formal school brand from the house of Bachpan.
    • Bachpan: Network of over 1100 play schools nationwide.
    • Head Office steers and mentors schools.

    CBSE K-12 schools nationwide


    •Theme and concept-based curriculum.
    •Driven by CBSE rules and NCERT/NCF-guided syllabus.
    •Vertically and horizontally mapped content.
    •Theme-based inter-disciplinary learning.

    Methodic Curriculum


    • Equipped with modern facilities and learning spaces.
    • CCTV-enabled safety at school and in transport.
    • Classy, clean and green exterior.
    • Updated learning material and gadgets.

    Methodic Curriculum


    • Student-friendly teaching methodology.
    • Practice multiple intelligence and core skills
    • Students’ aptitude and capacity-building programs.
    •Formulate age-appropriate learning capsules.

    Enriching Techniques


    • The apt teacher-student ratio for individual attention.
    • Skill-enhancement and educator-centered training.
    • In-house content designing and course development.
    • Child-centered counseling programs.


  • Our Education Group

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    Bachpan Play School


    Our journey kick-started with the establishment of our Play School wing in the year 2004 – Bachpan Play School. It not just started rather flew to humongous heights and rapidly became a chain of 1100+ franchises. Bachpan revolutionized the functioning of preschools in India. Parents are always ready to prepare their kids with the best before going for the best primary school admission for them.



    The team at Prismart has regularly introduced a mixed bag of technology, intelligence, and learning that assists the children of the modern world and allows them to be at ease while they develop. Their smart education tools cater to the needs of students at both Bachpan and AHPS. The services by Prismart are good enough to make an online public school as good and as real as the Academic Heights Public School.



    The newest addition to our education ventures, Rishihood University is nurturing a learning ecosystem in the areas of entrepreneurship, healthcare, creativity, design art & education. The university is ready to fulfill all the desires that the youth possess for obtaining a successful career path. With the establishment of Rishihood university, we have completed an education curve that comprises stages of preschools, primary schools, high schools, and tertiary education.