Advisory Board

  • Advisory Board

    • Mr. H. C. Batra
      Mr. H. C. Batra is presently a Central Level Observer and Examiner (Communication Skills). He has represented Delhi in the 'Child-Centered and Multilevel Approach to Quality Education' Project.
    • Mr. Shyamal Dey
      Starting his career as a Post Graduate Teacher, Mr. Shyamal Dey has made a significant contribution to the Campus Development Plans and aided several schools to set up Teachers' Resource Centres.
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    • Mrs. Tara Chadha
      Formerly in Delhi University, Faculty of English, Mrs. Tara Chadha is currently a consultant in English Language Teaching and conducts Teacher Training Workshops throughout India.
    • Mr. Yog Raj
      Currently, an Honorary Director of OPY World School, Rewari, Mr. Yog Raj has a teaching experience of 32 years. He is the founder Principal of three Delhi Public Schools, all of which are affiliated to CBSE.
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    • Mrs. Neelam Sanwalka
      Mrs. Neelam Sanwalka is an author, trainer and educational consultant in English Language. She brings with her a huge expanse of experience in teaching, training, developing content and providing consultancy in the English Language, spread over 28 years.
    • Mrs. Madhu Ved
      Mrs. Madhu Ved is currently the Principal of Shri Sanatan Dharam Saraswati Bal Mandir, Senior Secondary School. She has the ability to perform various tasks effectively and efficiently with her strong planning and organizational skills.
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