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What Are the Advantages of School Franchises for Women?

Now that a lot of women are actively taking steps to become financially independent, the world is seeing a rise in the number of female entrepreneurs. It is a significantly positive trend, to be sure, but what do you think plays a major part behind this trend? Possibly, the education sector. According to one survey, over 90% of school franchise owners are women.

There are various school franchise opportunities out there for women, more than there are other franchise opportunities. But this is perhaps not a strong reason for anyone to pursue these opportunities. Then, what is?

What are the benefits of franchises for women in the formal school segment?

There are quite a few important benefits, which you should know if you are a woman who is considering starting a profitable business. Here is the list:

  1. Low Investment Franchise

Starting a business requires investment, sometimes too high an investment. But in India, most women do not have the financial resources and security to back up their ambition of doing a business. There are of course many reasons for this lack of access to finance. The foremost of them is that society, in general, does not regard women as strong enough to take risks and venture out. Women are just still not considered competent enough.

A school franchise is a low cost business opportunity, so it is a good option for women who want to achieve self-reliance and who want to make it big in life!

2. Work & Life

Traditionally, the education sector is seen as an ideal place for women to be, apart from their home. It is because schools usually start early and finish in the afternoon. Also, there are vacations, unlike anywhere else. Women thus find sufficient time to devote to their families, to themselves, and to their careers when they become school franchisees. Being a school teacher is also good to go, and being a school franchise owner—is perhaps life in itself!

School franchise opportunities are then a “secure” option, so to say, for women if they want to become financially independent and not take those many social risks. People, in general, look for low-risk options, so it doesn’t really reflect negatively on the ambition and competence of women. It is just their choice.

3. Support of the Franchisor

Considering the prevalent bias against women, not all women have had work experience before, certainly not in managing one’s own business and especially in India. This is where female entrepreneurs will gain much from owning a school franchise.

The franchisors provide all kinds of support and assistance, be it in setting up infrastructure, procuring staff, marketing the school, generating admission inquiries, researching fee structure, school uniform, and curriculum. Such support is quite useful if it’s your first startup and you have no experience yet.

In addition to all of this, school franchises present women with the opportunity to provide kids with the best learning environment, the best nurture, and the best foundation for their future and success. The satisfaction which comes from one’s business has to be considered after all, without any doubt. 


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