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Is an Online Public School Really Worth It for Your Child?

Ever since the pandemic, the debate between online learning and traditional classroom learning has gained impetus. While classroom teaching was mostly preferred for varied reasons, online learning imposed itself in unprecedented ways. So, now with the rise of concepts like that of an online public school, you must be facing confusion and indecisiveness regarding your kid’s school education. What you need is to take a deep breath and consider all the important pros and cons of an online public school and the best offline franchise schools near you.

What is Online Schooling?

Online schooling is when your kid doesn’t have to go to any other building but can study from the convenience of home/of any place for that matter. There is also trained online teaching staff nowadays and a structured curriculum is followed in real-time classes which are held virtually.

All this means that your kid’s school education will leave your kid with much time to spend time with family, explore hobbies and the world, and stay away from peer pressure and such.

Online schooling is even legal in India. There have been many a group of schools in India supporting distance learning since much before, so students are in a way already accustomed to what online schooling has in store for them.

However, is it still really advantageous to enroll your kid in an online public school?

Is Online Schooling Really Worth It?

Given the craze of everything digital these days, admissions in an online school, as well as online school admission, might sound appealing even if risky. But this appeal of online schools shouldn’t make you disregard the cons that accompany it.

Why do you think that traditional schools/franchise schools have been the first choice of parents since the beginning? It is only after the recent pandemic, you see, that students, parents, teachers, and schools in entirety had to explore the domain of virtual learning. The pandemic in a way pushed people in this direction. The concept of hybrid learning (which includes online plus offline learning) also got popularity from these dynamic changes only in the recent past.

So, why not online schooling, and why offline schooling?

  • Online school admission is possible in traditional offline schools as well as online schools. But what is not possible for online schools is to give friends and social exposure to your kid. Online schooling does not support the holistic development of your kid, and this is to say, your kid might not be well prepared to face the competitive, challenging real world your kid will eventually be a part of.
  • Apart from life skills (which involve communication, problem-solving, self-confidence, etc.), an online public school might fall short of conducting not only extra-curricular activities but also curricular activities for your kid. How effective would it be if your kid watches the instructor carry out experiments on screen? Wouldn’t it be better if your kid is physically in a laboratory, experimenting with friends? 

School is not just about academics; education is not just about academics. No matter how much virtual learning makes use of technology to provide your kid with futuristic education, probably the better way is when traditional classrooms make use of smart technology to provide experiential learning to your kid. Don’t you think it will be like the best of both worlds? 

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