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Where You Should Look for Your Kid’s K–12 School Admission?

As time is passing by, schools are facing more and more competition from other schools in terms of technology, expertise, infrastructure, teaching methodologies, accessibility, extra-curricular activities, and many other such factors. It is because of these factors that K–12 school admission are becoming a big deal, especially after the recent pandemic. What is, however, often overlooked is that it is equally a big deal for you as parents to find a suitable school for your child. Considering the many choices that you are surrounded by, deciding upon a school for your kid’s admission into any class is bound to be hard.

Generally, parents prefer choosing any of the nearby CBSE schools because of the board’s wide recognition in the field of quality school education. However, given the dynamic world immersed in diverse interests, it is probably no longer the right approach.

So, what is the right approach, you ask? Following are a few tips that will help you find the public school for kids’ k-12 school admission or even the government school which is meant for your child.

  • Location of the school

It is very important that your kid’s school is located nearby, that your kid’s precious time is not lost in endless commuting, and that your kid has enough time to do self-study and develop hobbies. But it is also very important that your kid’s school is well recognized. A public school franchise can be good to go for because the school brand is likely to be known across the country and the quality of education is also taken care of.

  • Teaching methodology

Before you fill out any admission form for school, you need to find out about the teaching methodology used in that particular school. If your kid requires individual attention or has any special needs or simply takes time to understand concepts, it might be good to consult the school about the teaching methodology used there and also if any free tuition services are provided after school hours. The use of technology, as in smart classes and virtual learning, may prove to be good for your kid, and if your preferred school uses that, good job!

  • Extra-curricular activities

You also need to find out if the school conducts extra-curricular activities which your talented kid is interested in and might even choose as a future career; for example, arts, music, sports, etc. Also, it will be better to know if any scholarships are provided and competitions are conducted to encourage the talent of kids. Academic Heights Public School, for example, conducts National Level Olympiads and Mega Competitions to promote the competitive spirit of kids.

  • Fee structure

The Fee structure is a serious matter of concern as well. It is not just the best high school or a primary school that you have to look for your kid. You also have to afford the best possible school education for your kid without compromising on saving for your kid’s future. The right school for your kid, of course, takes various other factors into consideration; for example, the infrastructure and competence of the school staff. You may even make a list of the kind of school you wish for your kid to start off your search. All the very best!


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