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  • How does the school maintain a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities?

    At AHPS, we aim at holistic development of a child. There are a class apart academic framework with latest technologies, training in sports, participation in quizzes and competitions, cultural activities such as music and dance. This makes a child develop to his/her full potential and fosters overall development.

    Are all the AHPS branches Senior Secondary?

    All the branches of AHPS are not Senior Secondary. On the basis of space available and other functionalities, different schools in different areas decide upon the school type to be Primary, Secondary, or Senior Secondary.

    Do the AHPS schools have C.B.S.E Affiliation?

    AHPS schools are C.B.S.E proposed Schools and not all the branches of it have a C.B.S.E Affiliation. Few of the schools are affiliated though and we are working towards ensuring that all the schools secure C.B.S.E Affiliation soon.

    What is the admission time and admission procedure in different AHPS Branches?

    The admission forms and notification are mostly released in the month of January and the last date of admission procedure is July 30 every year. The schools, though, can extend the date by serving valid notice or an advertisement.

    What should be the age for taking admission in AHPS School?

    The schools allow admission at a minimum age of 5+ in grade 1. School asks for birth certificate of the child for confirming the age during the admission process. No child below the age of 5 can seek admission in any of the AHPS Schools

    What are the documents required at the time of admission to the school?

    The documents required to be submitted along with the admission for Aadhaar card of the child, Residence Proof, Proof of date of birth and 3 passport size photographs. School, although for their record purpose, may ask for additional documents apart from these.

    Does the school have a library with ample books for students?

    Yes! The school has a proper, well-maintained and an updated library. Apart from subject related books, there are dictionaries, activity books, educational books, novels, thesaurus, encyclopedia and we keep adding new and upcoming reading material every now and then.

    What are the latest technologies being used in AHPS Schools?

    AHPS is walking hands in hands with the latest technologies to make learning tech-savvy and enjoyable. The revolution to change the methods of learning includes various propositions initiated by the school. Some of them are;
    AWELI Drive: AWELI is an English Language Lab which has well-equipped and world-class audio-visual content, software, e-modules, etc., to improve English proficiency skills among learners.
    ROBOTIME: Application of core life skills along with learning of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and, Mathematics) is the underlying principle of Robotime.
    PRISMART: It has 3D & HD videos which are 100% mapped to the AHPS curriculum. Prismart brings to students, animations, and simulation with its state-of-the-art technology.
    PRITAB: It chooses to provide home-based learning for students while their parents guide them. Pritab renders to its students’ a sense of ownership and individual learning skills.

    Does AHPS have any of its play school?

    AHPS has an expanded shed of institutions and fortunately serves as the sister concern of a pre- school under the brand name Bachpan Play School. With a chain of 1100+ schools nationwide, this school follows a holistic child development approach and works in accordance with the latest teaching methods. Bachpan undertakes every possible amenity to comfort and educate the little ones with the modern aids in the best possible manner.

    Does the school have labs in the campus?

    AHPS has well maintained and ventilated labs. We have a Math Lab, Social Science lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry labs, Biology lab and Computer lab. However, the presence of such labs is purely subject to the classes upto which the school is functioning and its corresponding need in the curriculum of those classes in a particular school.

    Does the school conduct Olympiads?

    The school conducts an in-house Olympiad at 2 levels for which the paper is set by the AHPS and is uniform for all the branches. Level 1 is a pen paper test and students qualifying the level 1(Scoring 50% or more) are eligible to appear for the level 2 exam. Level 2 exam is an online test. Life Skills has been added now as an Olympiad Subject which makes subjects to five. Students are given silver coins/certificates/medals on the basis of their rank and evaluated performance.

    Does the school provide any kind of scholarships or fees concessions for meritorious students?

    Yes! AHPS recognizes and rewards meritorious and outstanding students. BORN TO WIN is a scholarship program run by all the AHPS schools but students are recognized centrally and not for individual schools. The selected students are awarded with the cash prizes.

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